What’s your go to health food?

As the first month of 2014 comes to a close the first thing that comes to mind is wondering how many resolutions have been broken and how many are still on track.  I’ll be honest, I’m always on the wagon setting a New Year’s resolution but rarely do I actually follow through with keeping it.

This year I set a few personal goals along with the dreaded “eating healthy” resolution that I tend to make every year.  For some reason, I fail miserably at the “eating healthy” resolution every year.  By what I can tell, I’m not the only person in this boat.  I mean let’s be honest; no one likes the thought of bland “healthy” food day after day.  I have however have waded the waters into a world of “healthier” eating.  (Notice I said “healthier” not “healthy”….. You gotta start somewhere right?)

eggsSo far this “healthier” eating has included eating breakfast as often as I can.  I’m typically not a breakfast eater but they say it’s good for you.  I’ve discovered that my new number one breakfast go to food (bacon aside) is eggs.  I didn’t realized how easy eggs are to prepare until recently.  Not only are they easy but they taste good and are actually very good for you!

Did you know that eggs are all-natural and provide one of the highest quality proteins of any food available. One egg provides more than six grams of protein, or 13 percent of the recommended Daily Value (DV), and nearly half is found in the yolk. One egg also has lots of vitamins and minerals, high-quality protein and antioxidants, all for 70 calories. That means not only am I actually eating breakfast, but I’m only consuming about 140 calories, that’s a win-win in my book. Because of the high amount of protein I’ve noticed I have more energy during the lull of the morning (you know, that time right before lunch, that’s usually when my energy crashes).

Thanks to the American Egg Board, I’ve been able to explore a few different recipes that also increase my daily egg production.  One of my favorites is the “Farmers Market Omelet”.






cup water


tsp. grated Parmesan cheese


tsp. dried basil leaves


tsp. garlic powder


tsp. butter


cup sliced mushrooms


cup thinly sliced yellow summer squash


cup thinly sliced zucchini


cup chopped red bell pepper


Tbsp. water


Step 1

COMBINE filling ingredients in 7 to 10-inch nonstick omelet pan or skillet. COOK and stir over medium heat until water has evaporated and vegetables are crisp-tender, 3 to 4 minutes. REMOVE from pan; keep warm. CLEAN pan.

Step 2

BEAT eggs, 1/4 cup water, cheese, basil and garlic powder in medium bowl until blended. HEAT butter in same pan over medium-high heat until hot. TILT pan to coat bottom. POUR IN 1/2 of the egg mixture. Mixture should set immediately at edges.

Step 3

GENTLY PUSH cooked portions from edges toward the center with inverted turner so that uncooked eggs can reach the hot pan surface. CONTINUE cooking, tilting pan and gently moving cooked portions as needed.

Step 4

When top surface of eggs is thickened and no visible liquid egg remains, PLACE 1/2 of the filling on one side of the omelet. FOLD omelet in half with turner and slide onto plate; keep warm. REPEAT with remaining egg mixture and filling to make second omelet. SERVE immediately.

So the picture is not mine, I borrowed it from the Incredible Egg website.  I usually forget to do things like “take pictures” when I’m being somewhat domestic.  I typically change the omelet filling up depending on what is in season or on sale at the grocery that week.  I like to think of recipes as suggestions rather than directions.

Of course eggs aren’t the only healthy food out there; I’ve just found them to be one of the most convenient ones available.  Simple and easy.

Though we may not have all the same New Year’s resolutions, I encourage you to stay on track with yours and keep the forward momentum.  It gets tough, but after a few months, hopefully your resolutions will be habit and become second nature.

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