Welcome Back!

Welcome back! That was the subject line of an email my mom sent me today. All the content said was “Welcome back to the real world, have a great day, mom” Of course she didn’t forget to attach the picture below before sending it.


Well, “Project Vegan” is finally over, and I can honestly say it was an eye opening experience. Though the project has come to an end, I still find myself pondering at menus and product labels. I’ve come to a few conclusions since the commencement of #DandDGoVegan

  • It’s almost impossible to avoid any and all animal products throughout life.
  • There’s something about a good fitting pair of Anderson Bean‘s that just can’t be replaced.
  • I still and always will LOVE bacon!
  • Though faux meat and fakin bacon are good, they should never be compared to meat because they are NOTHING alike
  • I was very surprised to find so many vegans who support genetically engineered products.
  • I have yet to find a decent faux cheese. I’m sure Dairy Carrie fully understands.
  • I’ve learned to enjoy healthier more wholesome products.

If we put our differences aside whether you’re farmer, rancher, meat eater or vegan we are all just people, living a life that we are truly passionate about.

I’ve gained a lot of followers and support from other vegans throughout this process. I can only hope that we will continue to stay connected through social media in the future and further our productive conversations with an open mind.

So today was my first day of non-veganism in two weeks and I couldn’t wait to take a bite out of an big juicy bacon cheeseburger. I mean it’s beef, bacon and cheese in every bite! Surely it doesn’t get much better than that, right? However, I think because of the low caloric diet I’ve been consuming the last two weeks my stomach has shrunk! I was only able to eat about half of the heavenly goodness that was staring back at me from my plate. Either way it was well worth it.

In case you missed our little vegan adventure, you can find all of my “Project Vegan” posts under the “Project Vegan #DandDGoVegan” tab at the top of my page. Also, make sure you check out High Heels and Shotgun Shells blog written by my compadre Danielle Beard to read about her vegan adventure.

Long live beef!

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21 thoughts on “Welcome Back!

  1. It was probably a shock to your system when you ate the bacon cheeseburger. Take it easy. I’m sure your boots missed you as much as you missed them.
    Have a great day!!!

  2. “If we put our differences aside whether you’re farmer, rancher, meat eater or vegan we are all just people, living a life that we are truly passionate about.”
    I could not agree more. I appreciate your experiment.

  3. Reblogged this on kellymrivard.com and commented:
    Congratulations to David Hayden and Danielle Beard for successfully completing their two-week Vegan Project challenge. It’s been a great learning experience for them, and a wonderful way for others to follow along and better understand veganism.

    As an avid carnivore AND a supporter of construction conversations about food, I applaud their desire to understand different sides to a debate! And I SUPER-applaud their willingness to waylay convenience and desire and lead a truly vegan lifestyle to get the “full effect”.

  4. It’s pretty awesome that you did this. I bet you learned a ton and made a lot of new connections because of your efforts.

    Was eating that burger like the time I swore off pop for several months? I found pop hard to drink for a while because the flavor was much more intense after not drinking any for quite a while.

  5. I enjoyed following your experience, and I fully agree with your statement that we are all simply people, no matter what or how we eat. I believe people from all professions and walks of life can learn from one another, and we could advance so much if we did. Experiments such as yours are really eye openers, and I appreciate being able to see from another point of view.

  6. Oops, looks like my previous (best of luck) post was premature — you’ve already finshed! That said, looks like you had an interesting time “on our side of the fence.” I can say my transition took a lot of time, so would not have been sure how a time-limited thing would work out. I’d have assumed it would feel like a crash-diet scenario, and that you’d be thinking mostly of the inconveninces/denial-of-things-you-like and counting the days until it was done and you could go back to “normal.” I’m glad to see that wasn’t the case.

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