Cat herdin’ ain’t easy

cat herdingBetween poultry plants, blogging, work reports, emails and calendar scheduling I feel like that’s what my life has consisted of lately, cat herding. Not to be confused with any ole domestic long-haired herding, I’m talking full fledged feral, short-haired cats that aren’t declawed kind of herding.

At this point, trying to find vegan options in the middle-of-nowhere, Oklahoma isn’t the problem, it’s more like remembering to eat. But I digress, that’s not the point of this blog. Many of you may be wondering how the vegan adventure is going, so here goes.

Lets just say, I’m just about Subway’d out! I’ve had more veggie delights than you could shake a stick at. Nothing against them, they’re actually very good, they just don’t stick with you very long. To say I’m ready to be back in Stillwater, where I have access to more vegan choices, would be an understatement. Supplies in my vegan survival kit are dwindling.

Instead of a whole Q & A session about the vegan adventure so far I’d like to address a comment/question that was posted on my last blog that’s been weighing on my mind.

I thought one of the main arguments for going vegan was to lessen your burden on the planet. Does someone who eats this much factory processed food really believe that?”

vegan-labelSince going vegan I’ve met and talked to many vegans from across the country, all with varying views. I’ve met some that went vegan because of their passion for animal rights and welfare, while some made the lifestyle change for various health reasons. I even met some that only consume organic foods, while others fully support genetically engineered crops.

Now, I’ve been involved in the food industry since I was an undergrad in college, on top of coming from a farming background, I think its safe to say I know where my food comes from. I love the concept of buying local in order to support farmers in the area, but for the folks in the northern states this time of year local isn’t a valid option. There are also many places in the country whose land cannot sustain the growth of numerous products.

Even on a vegan diet, “factory processed” foods are going to be consumed. I think the best example is faux meat. This is a product made from all plant based material that must be factory processed in order to obtain the eating characteristics of “real meat”. Even the organic produce grown here in the U.S. is factory processed. Many farmers (not all) send their products to a co-op or some sort of processing facility to have their produce bagged, washed, sorted and graded. All of these processes happen in a factory.

I will say the comment of veganism lessening the burden on the planet is something that I will do more research on in the future. I’m looking forward to contacting some of the great sources I have to drill on this topic.

It’s time for me to hop off this soapbox of mine because I’m sure that most of you are probably tired of listening to me preach. My goal here was not to offend anyone, just point out the obvious. Today I head back to civilization and can’t wait to partake in a more filling vegan meal.

Until then I guess I’ll have one more veggie delight.

Make sure you see what Danielle is up to over on High Heels and Shotgun Shells during her vegan adventure.  Don’t forget about checking out hashtag on twitter #DandDGoVegan


2 thoughts on “Cat herdin’ ain’t easy

  1. My brother works for what was EDS. Love that ad. 🙂

    I’ve enjoyed both of your takes on this vegan experience.

    You are so right that many foods need to be processed before we eat them. Oatmeal, for example, can be a local, organic product..but we cannot digest it without some processing. Most people don’t think of that…

    Thanks for sharing your perspectives in such a positive manner!

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