Off the road & to Broken Bow I go

I can’t help but stop and think about the irony of “Project Vegan”.  I spent the last two days working in a meat plant in Middle of Nowhere out in the bushes of Oklahoma, knowing all good and well I was not going to be able to consume any of the fruits of my time and labor.  Really, it’s just odd.

IMG_0698On the menu this week in middle-of-nowhere Oklahoma is well…… Ok, let’s just say I’m turning into the “Vegan who hates salads”.  Then today, I found a ray of hope, it was like a beacon from the heavens, the PETA website informed me that Subway has one vegan friendly bread on the menu, yup you read that right vegan bread.  My salad days are over! Time for me to turn that salad into a veggie delight, with spicy mustard of course.  I’m just thankful to have found a way to utilize my favorite condiment, putting mustard on a salad is just kind of weird.

What else is on the menu? Well I came down here prepared, with a vegan friendly survival kit! I was lucky enough to stop by the health food store this weekend to pick up a few essentials.  Along with the proclaimed “Cliff bars” I managed to conger up some raw granola, almond milk, raw fruit sticks, along with an assortment of vegan friendly multigrain tortilla chips and lastly some just add water miso soup!

Enough with the food.  Ever since this vegan adventure started a week ago, my eyes have been opened to how much we as a society rely on animal products.  It’s also very clear that living absolutely, 100% free and clear of animal products is virtually impossible.  They’re all around us and we may not even know it.  For example, I’m not sure if you can even buy vegan friendly plastic.  Most plastic bags contain a slip agent to reduce friction in the material that is made from animal fats.  Along these lines are the tires on your car, most rubbers such as truck tires are contain animal based stearic acid to help them hold their shape.

On the other hand, I was happy as a hog in slop to find out that Oreo cookies are technically vegan.  Who knew? Aside from the sugar used to produce Oreos which may or may not have been refined using charred animal bone ash in the filtration process.  There are however organic unrefined sugars out there and beet sugar is typically not refined this way.  So even though I was happy about this, just to be fair, I opted out of the oreo situation for these two weeks.


It seems that my need to look at ingredient labels is now second nature.  I think it may even be getting on my friend’s nerves.  Vegan or similar type products seem to easily catch my eye.  Heck just the other day I was in the movie theater and out of the corner of my eye, what was shinning in the corner? That’s right, a vegan ready to eat movie meal, complete with hummus, crackers, nuts berries and chocolate.  Yup they had that right there in Stillwater America.  This stuff must me catching on!

Anyway, I digress.

There is only 4 days left in project vegan and I can’t believe it’s coming down to the wire.  Until next time, make sure you take a gander at the High Heels and Shotgun Shells blog written by my vegan companion Danielle Beard, and follow along with using our hashtag on twitter. #DandDGoVegan

8 thoughts on “Off the road & to Broken Bow I go

  1. I thought one of the main arguments for going vegan was to lessen your burden on the planet. Does someone who eats this much factory processed food really believe that?

    • Claire;

      Since we’ve started this project I’ve noticed the arguments for going vegan cover a broad spectrum of ideas. I’ve met vegans whose concerns range from animal welfare and rights to those who changed their lifestyle for health reasons. For example, some vegans I’ve talked to not only live the lifestyle but also avoid Genetically engineered products and only eat organic while others highly support the technology behind GMO’s and the industry of genetic engineering wholeheartedly.

      Personally, my reason for participating in “Project Vegan” was to gain a better understanding of the sacrifices vegans make on a daily basis by discontinuing the use of animal based products. This experience has also opened my eyes to many products most people take for granted that contain animal products.

      Most every food we buy in the supermarket, vegan or not is a factory processed food. I think the greatest example in the vegan world is faux meat. The process involved in turning a plant base into a substance that exhibits the eating characteristics (like taste and texture) of meat is a much more invasive process than meat processing alone.

      Hope this answers your question.

      • “Most every food we buy in the supermarket, vegan or not is a factory processed food.”

        True for you, perhaps. True for most, even. It doesn’t have to be that way, though.

      • Claire, raising animals for food requires huge amounts of land, food, energy, and water as well as create massive amounts of air and water pollution. There is a wealth of information online as to the burden this creates on our planet so all vegetarians are environmentalists whether they realize this or not (even if they eat processed foods).

        David, I was crazy happy when I realized vanilla Oreos were vegan. They definately put a little extra junk in my trunk!

      • Tammera: Animals can be raised on land that can’t be farmed. Animals can be fed food unsuitable for human consumption. Animals raised in a holistic environment with other plants and animals, working together as nature intended, remove waste and pollution.

        Small farms properly raising plants and animals are a net positive for the environment.

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