Cliff bars are my saving grace

Week one of “Project Vegan” is in the books and to say it’s been a roller coaster ride would be an understatement.  Just like my com-padre Danielle, I too hit my rock bottom from little protein intake, but at least I still had hot water.

I will say though, once I found that most cliff bars are vegan friendly, they in fact have been my saving grace.  Finding vegan friendly options at a free Hampton Inn continental breakfast in January when no fruit is in season is about as easy as trying to milk a turtle.

Since its 10 pm on a Sunday night and I have an early travel day tomorrow, I’m going to be brief and go into  more detail when I post on Wednesday.  Now that I’m back in Oklahoma, away from the vegan friendly area of upstate New York, I’m starting to relate to Danielle and her vegan adventures in “Middle-of-corn Kansas“.

Things I’ve noticed.

  • When you ask waiter/waitresses if they have vegan friendly options on their menu here in the Midwest  they tend to stare at you as if you just stepped off a space ship.
  • Granola is not a sustainable foodstuff on its own.
  • Being vegan is not an easy task for a bachelor who tends to eat every meal out
  • I miss bacon and cheese
  • It’s now second nature to look at the ingredient labels on EVERYTHING I pick up.
  • I miss my boots.
  • Never approach an eating situation expecting faux meat to taste like the real thing, you will just be let down.  Though most of it isn’t bad, its not meat.  Its good, just not what you may be expecting.  Its like biting into an apple realizing it was actually a tomato.
  • I still miss bacon and cheese.
  • If I were participating in this vegan experiment for more than two weeks I would invest in some better soap.  Mine feels like slime.
  • It’s hard to find vegan options in airports, especially reasonably priced ones.
  • Spinach chips are easy to make and taste pretty good. (Yes I actually cooked this weekend)
  • Buffalo cauliflower bites are good and vegan friendly, just don’t use too much Franks Red hot. (Yup this happened too.)
  • And lastly, Vegan or no vegan, I still love beef!

IMG_1982 I was fortunate enough to venture out to an “All Vegan” restaurant while in NY.  It was called the Garden Cafe in Woodstock.  I was very impressed at the menu options.  I even persuaded two colleagues to join me.  This was my first burger experience that didn’t consist of meat and it was great! I had a black bean and sweet potato burger with guacamole and pico de gallo on top.  This was paired with seasoned potato wedges.  It may have been a bit of a starch overload but it sure tasted great.

This week will be the real test.  I’ll be working down in the bushes of Oklahoma in a small town called Broken Bow, population about 4,000.  Half of the population works at one poultry plant while the other half works in the other, so needless to say, I’m guessing veganism may be highly frowned upon.  The nearest reasonable city to broken bow is Texarkana Tx which is about 2 hrs away.  I have my vegan bag of goodies to bring along with me so I don’t have to eat salad for every meal.

Here’s to week two being a success! Make sure you follow along with Danielle at High Heels and Shotgun Shells this week and see whats happening up north in Kansas.


5 thoughts on “Cliff bars are my saving grace

  1. There are some great vegan apps and websites that list vegan options at chain and fast food restaurants ( even places like McDonald’s and Burger King have veg options). Vegan Eating Out is the most comprehensive.

  2. LOL (BACON AND CHEESE MISS YOU) hey just because you are doing the 2 week vegan thing (BACON AND CHEESE MISS YOU) does that mean you cant ride horses or just that you would have to use a (YOUR SADDLE MISSES YOU) abeta saddle ? just wondering. good luck this week and your black bean and sweet potato sandwich looks kinda good 🙂

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