What the Fakin Bacon?!

Well today starts day three of “Project Vegan” and I have to say, it sure isn’t as easy as I thought it might be.  As I packed for my trip to Kingston NY for the week I realized that my bag was a little extra full.  Not only did I have to shove my beloved boots in there instead of wearing them, I had to now pack toiletries.  This is something I NEVER do because I’m all about the free stuff in the hotel.

Before leaving Owensboro I stopped in at Genes health food to obtain a few vegan friendly products that way I didn’t have to wash my body and hair in “baking soda and vinegar” (Uh hummm Danielle).   After a 45 min endeavor of looking at the label on products I ended up with the following:


1 bottle of bluebonnet super earth multinutrient vitamins

1 bottle of Giovanni cruelty free shampoo

1 bar of “Kiss my face” (yup that’s the brand) soap

And lastly 1 stick of Toms all natural cruelty free deodorant

With the toiletry problem solved, the only obstacle left was finding food to eat.

I will say unlike my “Rural Vegan” friend Danielle, I have it much easier.  I’m in Kingston NY, only 10 miles from Woodstock, so vegan friendly restaurants are much easier to come by than they are in “Middle-of- corn” Kansas.

Day 1

IMG_0683I was fortunate enough to find Duo Bistro, whose employees were kind enough to show me the ropes of veganism by pointing me in the direction of other vegan friendly places in the area.  At the bistro, I had my first tofu experience and I’m surprised to admit, it wasn’t half bad.  It was grilled on vegan-friendly bread topped with fresh veggies and raw peanuts tossed in a vinaigrette dressing.

Now as you all know, I’m a meat scientist, and well, veganism isn’t smiled upon, so dinner with the guys from work was a little brutal.  It only took until the end of dinner for the jokes to stop.  But that aside, I found myself ruling out many of the items on last night’s menu.  I guess I never realized how many items had butter in it! So I settled for a salad with a side of broccoli and asparagus.

One day down!

Day 2

Yesterday was quite the adventure.  Not necessarily the finding vegan food part but an Okie trying to maneuver his way through the Catskills of New York to find said vegan friendly food.

IMG_0686I scoped out Sissy’s Café in the historic area of Kingston.  I walked in and all seemed calm, until I saw the menu.  That’s when I saw it, a vegan delight sandwich with Fakin BACON! Yup that’s what I said! BACON!  I was pretty sure I just found my vegan saving grace!

I was wrong, very wrong.  Now I probably should have known better than to think there was a bacon replacer out there that could size up to real pork bacon, after all, you haven’t had angels dance across your tongue until you’ve had real bacon.  Believe it or not, fakin bacon wasn’t bad! It was actually pretty darn good! It tasted nothing like real bacon but for a product with no actual meat in it, I was impressed and would definitely eat it again.

After a prolonged lunch caused by my failed attempt to maneuver through NY mountain roads that go four different directions in a mile stretch, I was surprised with an email from the one and only PETA.  Yes friends, you heard me right, PETA.  If you’ve followed my blog in the past, you know my views on PETA and HSUS.  As I read through the email I was shocked to see that they too were following my and Danielle’s adventure through our blog and hashtag on twitter!  Their email included their support of our adventure additional advice along with letting us know they would be happy to answer any questions we had.

I wrapped things up with a light spaghetti (egg free of course) and tomato sauce.  This time I utilized the handy list I found for vegan friendly beer and adult beverages.  I felt like a little reward for surviving two days into #DandDGoVegan was a well deserved Stella Artois.  (New saving grace, my favorite beer is Vegan!)

19 thoughts on “What the Fakin Bacon?!

  1. I’ll be honest, I am morally oppossed to veganism and wasn’t interested in the least bit in following this ‘adventure’ but as a hog farmer when you described eating bacon with these words: “you haven’t had angels dance across your tongue until you’ve had real bacon” -you had me hook, line and sinker – this is the most amazing description on bacon I have ever heard – you have my attention!

  2. go, David! Glad you are finding things to eat and keep yourself clean…and as for having PETA’s attention, um, don’t let them know where you live – when the experiment is over, they may come for you!

  3. Stella is vegan? I never realized that, nor would it impact my drinking of it…and I have trouble grasping why a beer WOULDN’T be vegan…but, that’s a fun factoid to know.

    I can only imagine how tough dinner was with your meat scientist co-workers. Oy. Brutal. I’m glad you’re finding some sort of balance!

  4. Hi David! Your blog popped up on my Zite. I recently stopped eating meat and dairy. December 8th…and I work in Kingston and live just outside of Woodstock. Welcome to the neighborhood and good luck with your adventure! This lifestyle certainly requires alot of thought and planning which does get easier as you go along. However for you and your friend doing this for two weeks you most likely will not be feeling the easy part…ha. I look forward to reading about your experience. I too particularly enjoyed the “angels dance across your tongue” analogy, my husband who has not given up meat and dairy would totally agree!

    • Thanks Coleen I hope you enjoy reading about our 2 week adventure. I’m actually planning on having dinner in Woodstock either tonight or tomorrow night at the Garden Cafe, I’ve heard its an all vegan place? Would you recommend any other places?

      • I have eaten there although it was a while ago. From what I remember it was good and it is vegan. New World Home Cooking on Route 212 going out of Woodstock should have some vegan dishes and if you like spicy this would be a good option. Most restaurants around here are vegan friendly with at least one option on the menu. This area is really one of the most beautiful areas to visit and to live and I traveled to some very nice places but always appreciate coming home to upstate NY. Here is a link that i found on line that might help you.

        If you want to have a good beer I would highly recommend Keegan’s Ales in Kingston. http://www.keeganales.com/ They have music there also and we are actually going there on Saturday night. If you show up there just yell out my name (ask the one of the guys playing – they know me). Enjoy your visit!

      • Thanks for the info, I’ll look into New World Home cooking also! Unfortunately I won’t be here saturday, back to Oklahoma I go. But my company is here in Kingston so next time I’m up I’ll have to stop by Keegan’s!

  5. If you are commited to learning about the vegan plight, visit “The Farm Sanctuary” in Watkins Glen while you are in NY. If you cant make the 4 hour trip then perhaps you would be willing to read the book by the sanctuary’s founder Gene Bauer.

  6. Hi David
    Just came across your adventure, It’s great to see you trying out a vegan diet and so positive! How are you going with your cowboy boots? There are quite a few vegan fashion sites that you are able to get footwear for yourself and Danielle. Have a look at mooshoes.com, alternativeoutfitters.com, olsenhaus, cri de couer, neuaura are just a few to start. Do send me a pic of you 2 in your fab vegan footwear. Best Alicia

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