You are what you eat.

We’ve heard it for years, a saying that is used to push for a healthier diet rather than a “Junk” filled diet.  When I hear this phrase I immediately think of the most recent Pediasure commercial  probably because it leaves a lasting impression of a little girl in the shape of a doughnut in my head.

Recently Oklahoma City’s KFOR news station brought to my attention that PETA  is planning what promises to be a controversial billboard campaign in the city promoting veganism.

This campaign was prompted by the latest obesity report published by the “Trust for America’s Health” group.  The report ranks Oklahoma as the 6thfattest” state in the country with projections of us rising to number 2 by 2030 at 66.4% of the state becoming obese.  This projection is double the current rate of obesity. But I digress.

Is meat in the diet really that bad? Well I’d like to provide you with a little information and let you decide for yourself.

Red meat is packed with essential vitamins and minerals that every human being needs to survive.  In a blog I wrote for National Beef Month I outline that heath benefits that “Heart Healthy” beef can bring to the table.  Along with being packed with ZIP (Zinc, Iron and Protein) the recommended 3oz serving of lean beef only accounts for 10% of the calories an individual needs based on a 2000 calorie diet.

The nutritional analysis of pork is very comparable to beef.  Today pork is the leanest it’s been in years.  In total, six pork cuts meet the USDA guidelines (Page 95) for “lean,” with less than 10 grams fat, 4.5 grams saturated fat and 95 milligrams of cholesterol per serving.  Any cuts from the loin – like pork chops and pork roast – are leaner than skinless chicken thigh, according to USDA data pork steaks or roasts from the leg (“fresh ham”) are also lean choices.

It may not be lean but who doesn’t love bacon?

So how can we tackle obesity?

Portion portion portion.  Portion control is essential to tackling this country’s obesity problem.  We have evolved from “small” potions to extremely “large” portions.  Blaming America’s obesity on the farmers, ranchers and food industry is like blaming the dentist for your cavities.  America’s farmers, Ranchers and food processors are working hard to produce wholesome, nutritious food for our customers. I’ll admit there is a lot of “junk” food out there, but the foods people eat and how much they eat are up to those consuming.

2 thoughts on “You are what you eat.

  1. Exactly !!! Portion should always be the individual’s responsibility. It’s time for people to take responsibility for their choices and not try to blame someone or something else.

  2. This is great, David! PETA is never going to win this. If I “am what I eat,” I’d rather be a cow than a carrot anyway. They should botch and start over if they are going to battle with us. 😉

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