Worth the Fight…… #WorthTheFight

Earlier this week a fellow Agvocate Dairy Carrie introduced me to a new song by Cody Canada and The Departed called “Worth the Fight”. Carrie challenged me and other agvocates to answer the question “Is Agriculture worth the fight?”

This song made me stop and think about what is fought for by people all across the country. Very fitting for today, the first thing I think of is our troops that have been fighting for our freedom since 9/11. These men and women are fighting for the very freedoms that I’ll admit; I tend to take for granted from day to day.

Though most of us are not on the front lines fighting for our freedom there is usually a topic, subject or issue that we hold deep in our hearts that is “Worth our fight”. For me this topic is Agriculture.

The passion of the Ag industry has been running deep in my veins since I was very young. This is an industry that feeds, clothes and houses the nation. Consequently this is an industry that I am PROUD to be involved in!

This industry is one that has shaped who I am today. It has taught me responsibility, leadership, integrity, work ethic and the importance of caring for the land and each other. Though I could go on and on about the life lessons learned on the farm, I won’t bore you with that.

The very industry that built our great country is constantly faced with many issues that are spotlighted in the public’s eye. Negative media often reflects the “bad” of our industry while overlooking the “good” that the industry brings to the table. This is where I battle to make a difference. As the average American is displaced directly from the Ag Industry by three generations, I work on a daily basis to tell the story of the American Farmer, rancher and food manufacturer.

This is a story that NEEDS to be told because Agriculture’s customers DESERVE to know where their food comes from.

What out there is “Worth your fight?”

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