Wordless Wednesday….Romping around the West Texas desert

This past weekend I rode out to Amarillo with some friends so they could attend a wedding.  While they were taking care of wedding business, some other friends come up from Lubbock and we spend the day ropming around the West Texas desert.  First stop Cadillac Ranch west of Amarillo.

First stop was Cadiallac Ranch west of Amarillo

I couldn’t leave without leaving my mark @DavidHayden7

The land is God’s canvas in west Texas

It’s all fun and games until theres a tarantula crawling up your arm.

I wouldn’t recommend wearing sandals in the west Texas desert…..

No trip to west Texas is complete without a little Herford Wrangling.

All in all last weekend’s adventure to west Texas was well worth it.  I had the company of some great friends @danibeard, @amandaInez, @craigRussell858, @RebeccaBailey28 and @JakeGankofskie.  Because we are all AgNerds the discussion on the drive home encompassed west Texas’ cotton production (since we were in the heart of cotton country) until we came across a few questions we couldn’t answer.  At this point I turned to @JPLovesCotton and she so kindly wrote a blog about US Cotton answering my questions.  Check out where Texas ranks in national cotton production, in Janice’s latest Cotton blog!


5 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday….Romping around the West Texas desert

  1. Love the landscape around Amarillo! I’ve spent many hours in the Palo Duro. If you ever get a chance drive some of the F.M. roads North and West of Amarillo, great ranch country!

  2. So it looks like the citizens of the Dairy Queen in Shamrock and the Hills have eyes gas station where I almost sliced off my finger didn’t make this Wordless Wednesday… Such a shame, those moments really put the “culture” in the weekend’s West Texas experience. 😉

  3. I have to say, I got scared the first time I was driving in Texas and I had to made the decision, do you swerve to hit tarantulas or swerve to miss them? I decided who cares & hit the gas a bit harder to simply get away from them!

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