Whats your Major?

Finally, the big day has arrived! High school is just a chapter of the past, while college is the preface of the next one.  So many questions; do I live in the dorms, will I have a good roommate, or will he be weird?  In the heat of the moment these are some of the most important questions I found asking myself as I started the newest chapter of my life.

As my new roommate walked in, introductions were made and the first question from his mouth was, “what’s your major?”….. “Animal Science” I quickly replied, oh so you’re going to be a vet he said?  Nope, not a vet I murmured.  “Oh then what are you going to do?”

Now questions started wheeling through my head.  Animal Science sounds good and all, but what am I going to do?  Will I find a good job?

At this point I knew I had to get to work.  I had to figure out my options, and make a plan.  I needed to explore the possibilities throughout the agriculture industry.   The results were more than surprising! Around every corner there was agriculture!

A recent news article published through Yahoo News quickly grabbed my attention.  “College Majors That Are Useless” written by Terence Loose.  This article was intended to guide students away from degrees that in Mr. Loose’s mind were deemed “useless”.  Coming in at number one on the list was Agriculture, number four, Animal Science followed by number five, Agronomy.

Maybe Mr. Loose should have done a bit of research before writing this article.  I’m not sure if he is aware that agriculture is the industry that puts clothes on his back and food on his table.  Food doesn’t come from the grocery, and clothes don’t just come from the local mall.  Agriculture is the industry driving these stores that provide us with the everyday conveniences that we take for granted.  It’s obvious that Mr. Loose didn’t take advantage of the useful tool we call the internet before basing his information on one single source.

I concur that farms are becoming fewer in numbers and more technologically integrated, therefore decreasing the demand for farm hands and managers.  This however, is just the tip of the career iceberg for the agriculture industry.  Many individuals may choose the food industry or maybe even the financial realm of agriculture through Ag lending, Ag Business, Ag Sales or Ag Marketing.  I don’t think Mr. Loose understands that farming is not the only job in the agriculture world.  Though are farmers are ultimately the ones who put the food on our tables and clothes on our backs, someone has to market, sale and research these products.  Without agronomist, animal scientists and agriculturalist in general, we would find ourselves WITHOUT the cheapest and safest food supply in the world.  Whether its life on the family farm, working in the Ag business fields or directly in the food industry, agriculture degrees are far from useless and will continue to be utilized in almost every realm of industry in one way or another.

I challenge you Mr. Loose to check out the facebook fan page “I studied Agriculture and I have a Job” and take a look around at all of the possibilities the agriculture industry has to offer.

Here are a few other good sites if you’re feeling up to it.  I think you’ll find that thousands of jobs are posted weekly in the agriculture fields.



Sold at ILoveFarmers.org

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