HSUS, PETA who are they?

Since the introduction of production agriculture agrarians have been faced with those that oppose practical farming and ranching practices.  There are many organizations today that not only oppose modern production agriculture practices but are actually lobbying in DC against such practices.  Sadly many involved in such organizations often overlook the ramifications will come with dissolving such agriculture practices.

These organizations take many shapes and forms.  The Humane Society of the Unites States for example has been pulling the wool over consumer’s eyes for years now.  The following is a typical commercial that HSUS uses to portray to consumers that their donations are going to help these poor defenseless animals.  When we look at the reality behind HSUS we find that a mere 1% of the public’s donations actually went to local shelters in 2010.  The majority of money that the nonprofit organization takes in goes toward lobbying in DC to stop animal agricultural production.  There is however a website called www.humanewatch.org that tracks HSUS’s moves to keep the public informed on what they are really up to.  Yesterday in the USA Today I came across a full page ad that convey the reality of HSUS to the general public.


People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) run along the same lines as HSUS however many of their tactics target our younger generations.  PETA usually takes much more extreme measures to get their point across, I.E. protests, naked walks, ect.  Five years ago PETA became a front runner opposing the slaughter of horses in the United States for human consumption.  Since horse slaughter federal funding was cut off the equine industry in this country has spiraled downward.  I’m sure that PETA members and spokesmen didn’t think that without horse slaughter, these animals would suffer from starvation, malnourishment, and inhumane slaughtering in Canada or Mexico.  These were just a few of the ramifications that were implicated after slaughter was halted.

Ad In the USA Today

On a lighter note, this week funding for slaughter was quietly reinstated and several plans for new slaughter facilities in the United States are now in place.  As controversial as it may be, PETA somewhat agrees with funding reinstatement.  PETA has come to realize the impacts the lack of slaughter has had across the industry.  This may be as surprising to many as it was to me but you can read the article here.

What are your thoughts on these organizations?

What are your thoughts on horse slaughter?

3 thoughts on “HSUS, PETA who are they?

  1. I am totaly against horse slaughter for many reasons. I travel to many horse sales where I witness buyers for slaughterhouses talk. They talk about when the loose horse supply gets low they will start feeder lots to bread and raise houses for slaughter to make more money. This is not about unwanted starving animals. I have seen a 6 year old mare with 14 month old colt; both were sent to slaughter. For those that belive the bible; google clean and unclean meat. Clean meat has a split hoof and chews its cudd. That don’t describe any horse that I have seen. Our horses should never end up bleading to death drowning in it own blood.

    • I understand that there are many frustrations regarding this issue. I’ve been highly involved in the Equine industry for many years and have too seen many slaughter buyers at auctions and sales. Those that are “breeding” horses to make more money, must be living in a different world as it would take over 3 years after conception in order for horses to be harvest ready. When looking at the overhead (grain, hay, ect..) this would not be profitable unless we are talking about thousands of horses at any given time throughout the year. As far as horses bleeding to death on their own blood, this is not the case. Not to say this is not the case in other countries however, in the U.S. under the humane slaughter act of 1958 all animals must be rendered unconscious before exsanguination. The government oversee’s this through the USDA. In terms of clean and unclean animals, you propose that only cloven footed ruminants (Animals that chew their cud) are “clean”. This said you must not eat any pork, shellfish, shrimp, or calamari (squid) as they are listed as unclean animals? God gave man reign over all of the animals of the earth; this said I believe it is our responsibility to ensure these animals aren’t out suffering or starving to death. I leave you Ken with a few questions. 1) Without humane slaughter what do you propose we do with the horses that are being neglected due to the fallen economy? 2) How do we as an industry put a stop to the release of unwanted horses?

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