A great new eating experience!

Myself and friend Katie Vaz
Traveling around the country with my job allows for some great and unique dining experiences. Last night I was fortunate enough to find one of those unique experiences right here in Stillwater Oklahoma. The Tokyo Pot is a place that combines both a unique way of dining with a great relaxing atmosphere. And what better way than to experience these new places than with great friends!
Friends Rebecca Bailey and Jake Gankofskie

Shabu shabu is a Japanese variant of hot pot.  This unique and savory way of combining broth with thinly sliced meat and vegetables.  Beef is typically the number one protein source when cooking shabu shabu however, seafood, chicken and pork are also substituted. Wagyu (kobe) beef is most commonly used for this dish, but since the Tokyo Pot was out of Kobe I settled with the USDA Prime Ribeye slices.

The dish is prepared by submerging the thin cut slices of meat or vegetable in a pot of boiling kelp based broth and swishing it back and
forth a few times.   The familiar swishing sound is where shabu shabu gets its name, which directly translates to “swish-swish”.   After all protein and vegetables are cooked the broth is usually added to steamed white rice to be
eaten as a soup.
Just another way of enjoying the beef we love so much!

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