Away from home in a foreign country, unfamiliar surroundings, out of touch with family and friends, and at many times finding yourself tired and VERY hungry.  This may not sound too familiar to many, but to others who have been fighting for our freedoms it may hit home a little harder.  That’s what many Americans are faced with as rations are cut and their trip overseas is seemingly a never-ending one.  These soldiers may include family, friends, or even people we may have never met, however they are all over fighting for us, and everything that the United States of America stands for.  These are the individuals that are defending our freedoms so that we can wake up every morning and go to work, raise our kids or just take the day off.

 I was recently introduced to a group on Oklahoma State’s campus called the Agriculture Communicators of Tomorrow (ACT) who have made it their goal to give back to these men and women who risk their lives for us every day. 

As many OSU fans and students know, Friday’s during football season is “orange Friday” it’s an unspoken rule to wear orange EVERY Friday during this time.  The OSU ACT is challenging this unspoken rule with a campaign called “Red Shirt Orange Friday”.  The campaign was designed to show support for our troops by purchasing a red shirt from ACT (and of course wearing them on Friday) of which all proceeds go toward care packages that will be sent to our troops overseas. Why red you my ask? Red is the color that stands for “Remembering everyone Deployed”

This coming week is the last week to support this cause by ordering shirts.  You can follow the link below to place an order and show your support for those who are fighting for our freedoms. 

Read more about Red Shirt Orange Friday by following the link below. Don’t forget to show your support for our troops by supporting this GREAT cause!

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