Meat or No Meat….Thats the question?

Meatless monday? I know its been around for a bit but, the question at hand is “Have they gone to far?” Well I can tell you my answer to that one. YES! For those of you that haven’t heard about this, meatless monday is a movement to cease the consumption of meat on monday in order to strive for a “healthier” society.   When was meat classified as unhealthy?  This program had been implemented in many public school systems throughout the country.  If people want to implement this type of program that’s fine, however don’t start-up programs for students who don’t have a say and classify meat as “unhealthy” unless the facts are straight. 

Meat in fact is very healthy and holds many nutritional values.  Red meat contains very high quantities of iron, when compared with plant origin foods.  Beef for example contains abundant amounts of zinc, iron and protein which are essential to everyday living.  Red meats also provide vitamins B 12, B1, B3 along with niacin and riboflavin.  The implementation of these types of programs in the school systems portray many myths to todays youth. 

The University of Arkansas Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow and Block and Bridle have teamed up to start Meat on Monday to educate college students about the nutritional benefits of beef and red meat.  The promotional effort was put in place to counteract “Meatless Monday”.  This is a great way to not only promote the meat industry, but also connect with our consumers on a more personal level to educate and increase their awareness of the health benefits of our protein rich products. 

What are your thoughts on meatless Mondays? Is it a good program or very misleading?

4 thoughts on “Meat or No Meat….Thats the question?

  1. I love meat, anytime, anyday. I eat a lot of meat right now because I am afraid that when I leave the country with the Peace Corps, I won’t get to eat it as often. I also enjoy fish, the meat of the sea!

  2. I am finally getting around to reading your blog david, better late than never I guess!

    I think Meatless Monday is a good idea, if it focuses on the importance of vegetables and fruits in the diet, not the essential absence of meat. This is what is should support from both the nutrition and education standpoint. Empahsizing getting your proper daily serves of fruit and veg and limiting your starch and sugar intake. But I do agree there should be some meat equivalent, to educate on the health advantages of meat.

    After all, the key to a healthy diet is variety and moderation.

    As you have said, education is so important!

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