Telling our Story

Telling our story

It seems that social media and media in general have begun to shape the way that we as a society think.  I’ll admit I did take some time to look up and watch the Oprah segment on “How Meat is Made”.  The first thing that popped into my head was “WOW, kudos to Cargill for telling their story”.  This depiction of the slaughter facility in Fort Morgan Colorado was not only very accurate but revealed to the general public, where their food really comes from.  It seems like negative media surrounds us every day and this segment on Oprah was a great step in the right direction for agriculturalists.  Very rarely, are segments such as these “not” taken out of context and twisted around.  This brings me to my first question: How do you tell your “agriculture story”? Are you using an AgBlog, Twitter, YouTube or Facebook account?  These social media sites are very helpful tools for those advocating for agriculture. 

Seeing is believing for most of today’s society.  This is why media is so important to our consumers.  Many people don’t understand how agriculture affects their everyday life.  I understand that we can’t all be like Cargill and make the Oprah show but, we can utilize our resources to tell our individual stories.  We, as a whole, need to help shape the face of agriculture.  I’ve followed many blogs and “agvocates” on twitter and there are great ones out there.  I challenge you to stand up for agriculture and “tell your story”.   No one else can be proud of your accomplishments if you aren’t proud of them yourself, stand up and show your PRIDE in agriculture.

Below is a link to the Oprah segment on “How Meat is Made”

I’d also like to share a great example of a fellow “agvocate”, Debbie Lyons Blythe using youtube to tell her story.

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