Posted in February 2011

Going Green!

Orange, crimson, pink, red, purple, blue, and yellow are just a few of the random colors I’ve seen this morning throughout the airport.  I’m sure if all of these colors were mixed together the outcome would be some sort of nasty brown, but what do all of these random colors have in common?  Well they … Continue reading

FFA the Future of Agriculture

You know that feeling when you’ve been slapped in the face knocked off your high horse or just completely had the wind knocked out of you.  That moment when you were so shocked, blindsided or completely off guard that you didn’t know if you were just insulted or made fun of?  I vividly remember experiencing … Continue reading

Education is key when defending our industry

As the Chinese proverb goes “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”? This holds true in the meat and livestock industry in relation to our consumers.   When we agriculturalists feed our consumers we satisfy the industry for a day, when we agriculturalists educate our consumers we satisfy our … Continue reading

An egg a day keeps the Doctor Away!

Ok it may not necessarily keep the doctor away, but they’re not all that bad for you!  Eggs have had a bad rap for a while now, but if we really dig down deep we’ll find that eggs are good for you and can be included as part of a well-balanced diet.  Contrary to popular belief … Continue reading

Beef the Heart Healthy Choice

In my last post I talked about the health benefits of beef.  Well its time to add to the good news! The Denver Post reported today that the American Heart Association has now listed three cuts of beef as part of its Food Certification Program!  The program is designed to help healthy consumers over the … Continue reading

I Heart Beef!

February is “I Heart Beef” month!  So we want to know why YOU heart beef? Beef is considered one of the “higher” end proteins and often times considered to “expensive” for regular consumption.  This in fact is not the whole truth.  Some form of beef in fact can be consumed on a regular basis, even … Continue reading

Sustainablilty? What does it really mean?

Everyday our world is changing around us and we, as agriculturalists must cope with these changes in order to hold our place in society.  More and more we are hearing words like sustainability throughout the industry.  Sustainable agriculture.  What does that really mean? Better yet, are farmer’s and rancher’s perceptions on sustainability in harmony with that of the consumer?  Webster defines the word … Continue reading

Meat or No Meat….Thats the question?

Meatless monday? I know its been around for a bit but, the question at hand is “Have they gone to far?” Well I can tell you my answer to that one. YES! For those of you that haven’t heard about this, meatless monday is a movement to cease the consumption of meat on monday in … Continue reading

Telling our Story

Telling our story It seems that social media and media in general have begun to shape the way that we as a society think.  I’ll admit I did take some time to look up and watch the Oprah segment on “How Meat is Made”.  The first thing that popped into my head was “WOW, kudos … Continue reading