How Big is our world?

How big is our world?

I was recently in New York for a company dinner party, where I heard a comment that hit home.  I heard a lady state that “to New Yorkers only New York and California exist; we don’t really pay attention to anything in between”.  WOW, don’t pay attention to anything in between? That’s a little harsh don’t you think? Last I checked we were “one country under God” not “New York and California under God”.  From an agrarian standpoint this comment bothered me.  If you really think about it, if it wasn’t for everything else in between this country could not survive.  We’re talking about the heartland, corn and wheat belts, and lamb, pork, beef and poultry industries.  That’s a lot! Everything in between is what holds this country together both economically and agriculturally.  This really made me sit and think about how many people out there really had that mentality?  What do we do to correct this?  The education of the importance of the agriculture industry in all 50 states should not be overlooked.  This is something that we as agriculture leaders need to take to heart.   

What are your thoughts on this?

3 thoughts on “How Big is our world?

  1. Wow! The lady who made this comment sounds ignorant (although I’m sure she’s very well educated) and narrowly focused! Sad…

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