Giving Thanks

Well thanksgiving is right around the corner and throughout this week I’ve been doing quite a bit of thinking. What makes Thanksgiving so special to you? I know there are quite a few things that make my thanksgiving memorable, aside from all of the great food involved.  As ridiculous as it may sound, today’s social media has really helped me put into perspective, what I’m really thankful for.  The Agchat foundation started a great trend on twitter called “food thanks”. People all over twitter have been recognizing their “food thanks” using the food thanks hashtag.  It really is amazing everything that goes into the products that we will consume on thanksgiving day.  This move has not only led me to think about my “food thanks” but everything in general that I am thankful for.

I have to start with my family.  I’m sure people here this all the time, but I’m pretty sure I’m right when I say I have the coolest family around.  They are an amazing group of people.  I’m very fortunate to be surrounded by loved one that are always there and support me in everything that I do.  I can’t put into words about how excited I get to see all of my aunts, uncles and cousins over the thanksgiving holiday.

I also have to continue with thanks to our armed forces that fight for our freedoms everyday so that we can live in the greatest nation in the world! Many of us including myself tend to take for granted the freedom that we experience everyday.  This would not be possible without the sacrafices of every one of our soldiers.  So if you get a chance don’t pass up the opportunity to thank a soldier for everything that they have done for us.

Next I have to move to thanking the American rancher and farmer.  They may not be fighting for our freedoms everyday, however they are fighting to supply Americans with the safest and most abundant food supply in the world.  Its pretty amazing when you stop and look at the thanksgiving table.  Everything that you consume everyday started somehow with a farmer or rancher.  So again don’t pass up the chance to thank a farmer and rancher for everything that they do.

Remember, there are many  people who aren’t as fortunate to have that great thanksgiving meal with friends and family, which should remind us all to count our blessings.

So I ask you, what are you thankful for? What are your “food thanks”? I also challenge you to thank a soldier, farmer or rancher next time you see them.  They’re working everyday for you!

May you have a blessed and thankful Thanksgiving holiday!

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