WOW Change is in the air!

WOW what a month! It’s almost over and it feel like it’s just begun! Haven’t sat down at a computer long enough to even write a blog.  Its been a GREAT November thus far with all of the livestock and horse shows going on. Granted I’m pretty bummed I’m not in Louisville right now at the North American I do have some GREAT news.  It took a while but I’ve finally landed a job that is going to keep me here in the great state of Oklahoma for the time being.  I’ll be starting in December with Wolf-Tec INC.  Wolf-Tec sells and imports food manufacturing equipment all across the country and world, specifically in the meat industry.  I’ve been hired on as a Food Technologist and will be working closely with the Research and Development department.  Though my address will read Oklahoma, this position requires about 80% travel both nationally and worldwide.  I will be working with customers and equipment, conducting test runs to add value to everyday products.  It took some thought before accepting, but I think Wolf-Tec will be a great opportunity to not only travel the world, but connect with the industry in order to advance within my career choice.  Its a pretty exciting time around here, that’s going to require a big change from my everyday norm, but it’s just a new chapter in life that’s sounding good so far!


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