Posted in November 2010

Giving Thanks

Well thanksgiving is right around the corner and throughout this week I’ve been doing quite a bit of thinking. What makes Thanksgiving so special to you? I know there are quite a few things that make my thanksgiving memorable, aside from all of the great food involved.  As ridiculous as it may sound, today’s social … Continue reading

The Importance of Food Science

Many may ask why food science is important?  Food Science has a hand in every product that is consumed.  I’d like to hit a few highlights that may unveil why we need food science within the industry. The world has progressed through hunter-gatherer, agricultural, and industrial stages to being a provider of goods and services. … Continue reading

WOW Change is in the air!

WOW what a month! It’s almost over and it feel like it’s just begun! Haven’t sat down at a computer long enough to even write a blog.  Its been a GREAT November thus far with all of the livestock and horse shows going on. Granted I’m pretty bummed I’m not in Louisville right now at … Continue reading

My Favorite Time of year!

I don’t know about you, but October starts my favorite time of year! All of the livestock and horse shows are happening right now! Where do I start? There’s the American Royal in Kansas City, the USTRC World finals in OKC, the North American in Louisville, AQHA World Show in OKC, the NRHA Futurity in … Continue reading